Helannona Jewelry

Who is Helan?

The burning ambition to design unique, handmade jewelry far outweighed the law degree earned by Helan during her academic years. 

Starting at the age of 16, Helan began her quest to create the most desired handmade jewelry worldwide. Alongside her academic studies, she spent years studying the art of jewelry design while making her own creations.

Now, Helannona Jewelry has become the foremost name in crafting custom made jewelry for all ages, women and men, and for every occasion. Pass it on from mothers to daughters, fathers to sons, or to loved ones. 

Helannona Jewelry offers more than just jewelry pieces — it offers the opportunity to enter a certain lifestyle, to wear Jewelry that combines beauty with a unique style found nowhere else. This is jewelry you can wear proudly or give as a gift knowing you have made the right choice.


made to perfection

at Helannona

The bracelet she designed for her grandmother when she was 16 years old.